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Reins Heating & Air Conditioning - HVAC Specialists in Kingston & Surrounding Areas

Reins Helps You Design and Choose Your Best Heating and Cooling Solutions.

When you choose to call Reins Heating & Air Conditioning Ltd. for help with your HVAC in Kingston or the surrounding areas, you're making a very smart decision. Our team has the knowledge and experience to help you with the things you don't understand. If your HVAC systems haven't been producing the temperatures you're expecting, call us. We can inspect your systems and if an issue is discovered, we can fix it on the same day.

Don’t know where to start with your HVAC in Kingston? No Problem.

We understand you are not a heating and cooling expert. HVAC is simply what we do. We will never play the “expert card” in pressuring you into a particular service or product. Therefore, we don’t expect you to know the latest technologies, how to calculate your home’s heating or cooling needs, or how to go about choosing the right service provider. In all likelihood, you only stop to think about your heating and air systems when they stop working. That is why we are here to help.

When you interact with a Reins technician you’ll quickly notice something you didn’t expect — we’re not out to sell you anything. We know that when presented with the right information our customers are intelligent enough to make up their own minds on which services and products are idea for them. But, we will make recommendations and provide you with options so you can make informed decisions.

For over 25 years, Reins has helped to enhance the comfort of families and homeowners throughout the region with our objective advice and personalized services. Has it been a while since your last heating or air tune-up? For services, installations, and repairs, homeowners can count on the expertise of Reins Heating & Air Conditioning Ltd. — call today for services and repairs for all things HVAC in Kingston and the surrounding areas!

Excellent experience with knowledgeable fun guys who deliver great products and are a pleasure to have in your home. Couldn’t be happier!

Mary Ann C. & Rob M. of Kingston - November 2013

Confession Time
We are one of the most established air conditioning and heating contractors in Kingston, Ontario. We also have outstanding technicians that are professionally trained and have over 25 years of experience. So they know your heating and cooling systems. We are proud of our excellent customer service. We answer calls 24/7. We give detailed estimates so you know exactly what you pay for.

We are great educators. We explain options and choices. We know the Carrier brand inside and out and continue to receive ongoing training.

  • Six kinds of furnaces and seven choices of air conditioners
  • Energy efficient low temperature heat pumps
  • Home analysis to evaluate your heating and cooling needs

We share our knowledge with you. We know an informed buyer can make the best choices for their home. We design and construct our own ductwork, so new technology will always blend seamlessly with your existing ductwork. All work is done in-house: design, manufacture, service, installation.

But… we are lousy salesmen. We are just not good at selling or being pushy. When the best choice is to keep your existing unit, we will tell you that.

We are so pleased with the excellent service provided by Reins. We highly recommend them. They worked to accommodate our schedule when providing our quote and the installation. They were in and out in a timely manner, but took the time to answer all our questions and ensure we were comfortable with the information provided.

Randy & Luanne F. of Perth Road, Ontario - August 2013

Our goal is your comfort. We do what is best for the customer, every time.

Let Us Solve Your Home Comfort Problems

Reins can help you understand the source of your heating and air conditioning problems and how to fix it. Call us if you’re facing any of these issues with your HVAC system in Kingston:

  • Have hot or cold spots in your house? If your home has cold spots, it could be an airflow design problem. We can fix your air distribution to make every place comfortable.
  • Too much dust floating around? We will give you different air purifying solutions so you can have a cleaner, fresher home.
  • Air too muggy or too dry? Stop potential mold problems. Avoid chapped skin. Find the right solution with our help.
  • Killer utility bills? We can offer cost effective heating and air conditioning that will guarantee you lower utility bills.
  • New construction? We will walk you through the design phase and help you choose the best suited heating and cooling equipment.
  • Noisy, inefficient, old units? Take advantage of the newest technology. Learn how efficient, quiet, and dependable your home comfort can be.
  • Need a second opinion? Sometimes you are not confident in the offer or estimate you have in hand. Let us give you a free second opinion so you can have confidence in your decision.

Our Promise to You

Reins is built on honesty, dependability, and excellence. We promise you will be satisfied with all of our work… or we will make it right at no additional cost to you. Guaranteed.


Carrier stands behind its products with a 10 year guarantee, fast support, and a commitment to customer satisfaction.

You have a triple guarantee:


No surprises on price or extra costs


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