For Heating and Air Conditioning in Kingston – Reins is it!

Reins offers a comprehensive, affordable and reliable HVAC solution. We understand that homeowners are budget conscious. This is why we are proud of our competitive rates on our quality HVAC systems, which not only cost less but are efficient enough to reduce your electricity bill.

So if you’re looking for a ductwork company that designs efficient and cost-effective systems, Reins is that company. We specialize in duct work , furnace and air conditioning. We will never pressure you into buying equipment you don’t need.

As an experienced, competent and honest heating and air conditioning contractor, Reins promises detailed billing with no hidden costs. This is a unique quality that helps us stand a class apart from other HVAC companies in Kingston. If necessary, we may even advise you to use your current HVAC if that’s best for you.

When choosing the best equipment for your home, sometimes the most expensive furnace or air conditioner is the best option. In other cases, we will recommend that one of the Carrier less expensive products will meet your comfort and budget needs.

Our years of experience and extensive licensing ensures that you get a complete heating and cooling design proposal that makes sure the new technology will work in your home. The design of your home and the existing ductwork are critical to the proper operation of the equipment and the comfort of your home. Many homes have an inferior air distribution system. This can lend itself to the lack of proper airflow to the other end of the house.

Our Customer Education Mission:

Reins Heating and Air Conditioning provides homeowners with information on aspects of home comfort.

  • Best Suited Heating & Cooling Equipment
  • Damp or Dry Indoor Air
  • Hot and Cold Spots Solutions
  • Excessive Dust
  • Excessive Utility Bills

We believe homeowners have a right to this valuable information. We also find that homeowner’s who have learned the truth about these problems, are more likely to be a long term and satisfied customer.

Customer Reassurance:

Reins Heating and Air Conditioning has been hand picked by the largest and most technically advanced comfort equipment supplier in the world, Carrier Technology. Combining these two industry leaders is a sure fired reason to assure yourself that you are dealing with a reputable team.