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Sure, the current furnace in your Kingston home may be old, but it still works. How can you tell when it’s time for a furnace replacement? Reins Heating & Air Conditioning Ltd. is a recognized leader in furnace installations in Kingston and surrounding areas of Alberta. Our technicians have over 25 years of experience in the home comfort industry and are professionally trained to identify and remedy problems in your heating system. For your convenience we present some of the warning signs that it’s time to replace your old furnace. Take a look and ask yourself if your home heating system is exhibiting any of these symptoms. If you’re still not sure, give us a call. We’ll inspect your system and determine if there is a problem.

7 Signs Your Furnace Might Need to Be Replaced

1. It’s Really Old
Modern home furnaces have a life expectancy of between 16 and 20 years. If your furnace is that age or older, you should probably start shopping around for a replacement. If you have done your homework before a problem becomes manifest you will be more likely to make an informed decision rather than just buying in a panic because your old furnace has broken down. Something else to keep in mind is this: The older your furnace is, the less likely it is that replacement parts will be readily available. You don’t want to be waiting around for a replacement part to be shipped in the middle of an Alberta winter.

2. Energy Costs Are Increasing
Have you begun to notice that your monthly gas and electric bills are rising? Without proper maintenance furnaces can become less energy efficient as they age, costing you more to maintain the same amount of comfort. This problem will only get worse, so it only makes sense to put the extra money into the purchase of a new, energy-efficient system than to waste money and energy powering an older, less efficient system. 

3. Repairs Are Becoming More Frequent
Just like automobiles, home appliances and almost anything else you might name, the parts and components that make up your home heating system eventually wear out and require repairs or replacement. That is to be expected, but a service call and repair can easily cost hundreds of dollars. If you have already paid for one or more furnace repairs this year it may be more cost effective to purchase a replacement. 

4. You Notice “Hot Spots” or “Cold Spots” in Your Home
Older furnaces sometimes have a hard time distributing heated air evenly throughout a structure. This is not only frustrating and annoying because you have to constantly monitor and adjust your home thermostat to maintain a constant level of comfort; it also is costing you money in wasted energy. 

5. Your Furnace is Emitting Carbon Monoxide or Carbon Dioxide
After years of use furnaces can lose structural integrity and start to emit poisonous carbon dioxide or carbon monoxide gas, either as a by-product of combustion or because the heat exchanger inside your furnace is cracked. Some signs that your furnace is leaking carbon dioxide or carbon monoxide include a yellow or flickering pilot light; condensation on windows, walls and other cold surfaces; rust on pipe connections and appliance jacks; and an absence of an upward draft in your chimney. If you notice any of these conditions, contact a home heating professional right away to have your system checked. 

6. Your Furnace is Making Strange Noises
As a furnace approaches the end of its life it may start to complain, making noises such as banging and popping, squealing and rattling. Another sign is a furnace blower that runs excessively, turning on and off frequently and sometimes blowing cold air. If your furnace is exhibiting this type of behaviour it may be time to start shopping for a replacement. 

7. The Interior of Your Home Feels Dry, Stuffy or Dusty
Do you or family members suffer from allergies or complain about dryness in their nose and throat or itchy, dry skin? This may be caused by an old furnace that is no longer able to moisturize and clean the air in your home. Other signs of excessive indoor air dryness include increased dust accumulation, shocks from static electricity, drooping houseplants and cracks in wooden furniture.

If you are bothered by any of the conditions listed on this page, or if you simply feel that your current heating system is not getting the job done, call the experienced furnace experts at Reins Heating & Air Conditioning. We’ll ensure that your home heating system is functioning as it should and that you and your family enjoy the comfort and security you deserve.

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